How to Play as Roo in Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 Mr X Nightmare 1 (1)

If you’ve picked up Streets of Rage 4, you might be wondering if you can play as Roo. It allows you to play as most of the characters from previous games in the series, after all.

A secret character in Streets of Rage 3, Roo is a kangaroo who packs a mean punch. The good news is that you can indeed play as Roo in Streets of Rage 4. The bad news is that you need to buy the game’s DLC, Mr. X Nightmare, to do so.

To play as Roo in Streets of Rage 4, first ensure that the game is fully updated and that the Mr.X Nightmare DLC is installed. Then, once you’re on the game’s menu screen, hold up and the attack button at the same time on your controller (that’s up + Square on PlayStation, and up + X on Xbox or Switch), then press start. Continue to the character select screen and you should see that Roo can now be selected.

If you finish a stage as Roo he should stay unlocked on the character select screen. If you don’t, you might have to go through the previous steps to unlock him again.

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