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How to Save Your Game in Cris Tales

Cris Tales

Like any good JRPG, it’s important to save your progress regularly while playing Cris Tales. But how do you do that?

Being a lengthy adventure, we’d recommend saving your game in Cris Tales at every given opportunity. You can’t save whenever you want, but thankfully you get opportunities fairly regularly; take them every time they pop up! But how exactly do you save your game in Cris Tales?

There are a number of ways you can save. The first opportunity you will get will be from the overworld. Any time you’re on the world map, you can save directly from your menu. Click the ‘options’ button on you controller to bring up the main menu. From there, scroll down to ‘Save’. Choose a slot, and click to confirm. Happily, you can have multiple save slots if you’d like to save at particular intervals.

You’ll also find save points as you explore¬†Cris Tales‘ various environments. These look like small circular patches of mud on the ground. Interact with them, and Crisbell will put her sword in it. You can then use it to save from that location whenever you’d like.

Each kingdom you visit has one of these save spots near its entrance. You’ll also find them shortly before engaging in a boss fight, so make sure you interact with one of them each time you see them. If you die in combat, you’ll have to go back to your most recent save, so it’s vital to save regularly.

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