How to Save Your Game in Death’s Door

Death's Door 2 (1)

Death’s Door isn’t the biggest game in the world, but chances are you aren’t going to complete it in one sitting.

Because of that you’re going to want to save your progress at some point, but Death’s Door never really explains the process to you.

Basically, Death’s Door features an autosave system, recording your progress for you as you play. Typically your progress is saved whenever you activate a door, but it’s saved at other times, too; look out for the autosave icon in the lower right hand side of the screen.


When you want to turn Death’s Door off, however, there is a way to effectively manually save your game. Simply pause the game, select the ‘return to title screen’ option at the bottom, then select yes. Your latest progress will be saved, but when you return you’ll start at your last used door. Lucky for you, doors are strategically placed so you never have travel too far to get back to where you were.

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