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the ascent

How to Save Your Game in The Ascent

So, you’ve downloaded The Ascent and are ready for some action RPG goodness.

After you’ve created your character and been introduced to the dystopian world of Veles, you’ll no doubt get into the thick of the action. But sooner or later while playing The Ascent you’re going to wonder: “how do I save my game?”

The answer is, you don’t, unfortunately. The Ascent forces you to rely on its autosave system, which saves your progress for you periodically. If you’re playing on Xbox Series X/S or a beefy PC, chances are it does it so quickly that you won’t even know when your progress has been saved. That can be a bit irritating when you want to turn the game off without losing any progress.

Thankfully, if you pause The Ascent by pressing the menu button, then select the “Return to Title Screen” option, a message will pop up informing you how long it’s been since your last autosave. Then you can either continue playing, or indeed quit to the title screen. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to do so before turning the game off.

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