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How to Solve the Spot the Difference in Neo: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You

Neo: The World Ends With You likes to throw a variety of puzzles and quizzes at you. One of the most unique is a spot-the-difference puzzle. Here’s how to solve it.

During an early visit to Station Underpass, you’ll be tasked with solving a spot-the-difference puzzle in Neo: The World Ends With You. You’re shown two images of the area side-by-side, but they both have subtle differences from each other. By interacting with the image on the right, you need to point out each of the five differences.

Some of them are very easy to spot, but others are much more subtle and require you to really study the images. Though if you’re struggling, we’re here to help. We’ve outlined each of the images below, and included an image showing them all.

The graffiti in the foreground: This is perhaps the easiest one to spot. The right-hand image has a skull graffiti on the road in the foreground, whereas the left image does not.

The road markings on the left: Just under the bridge on the left, the road markings are much closer to the cars in the left-hand image than they are in the right-hand image.

Traffic lights: On the right image, there’s a second set of traffic lights visible in the middle of the footbridge. They aren’t there in the left image.

The road markings on the right: Over on the right-hand side of the image, you can see a road trailing off into the distance. On the left-hand image, the road markings show a dotted line running up the middle of the road. On the right, it’s a solid line.

The windows on the building: On the big building that dominates the image, there’s a window just underneath the billboard screen. On the left image, it has eight panels. On the right, there’s only four.

You can see the differences highlighted in the image below:

Neo The World Ends With You spot the difference

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