My Friend Pedro is Getting a Cutesy Mobile Spin-Off

My Friend Pedro Ripe for Revenge

My Friend Pedro is back.. sort of.

The console and PC based My Friend Pedro saw a hero running, jumping and slow-mo blasting his way through a criminal empire, guided by the titular sentient banana. We didn’t get our hands on it ourselves but it received a mostly positive reception, and now its spin-off is hitting mobile platforms.

But instead of being a sequel, My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is more of a cutesy “What if”. It’s set to feature similarly frenetic gameplay but you’ll be fighting squat enemies, messing about on a skateboard and so forth, though your enemies still bleed profusely. This is technically My Friend Pedro’s third incarnation, since it originally began life as a flash game.


This mobile adventure, published by Devolver Digital, will be free to play though you can expect microtransactions to figure in somewhere. You can check out the trailer below for a taste of things to come, pre-register your interest now, or get your hands on the game when it hits iOS and Android this August 5th.