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Labyrinth City Pierre the Maze Detective 3

Out Now on Switch, Labyrinth City is a Gorgeous and Relaxing Puzzler

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually be inside the pages of a Where’s Wally book?

Well, no, we hadn’t either, if we’re being honest. But after playing Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective, a gorgeous puzzle adventure now available on Nintendo Switch, we imagine it’d be something like that. You see, Labyrinth City is all about making your way from A to B, finding someone in a crowded environment. It’s not about searching-and-finding, like Where’s Wally; instead, it’s about finding a path through throngs of people, crowded streets and complex architecture.

Labyrinth City is actually based on a children’s book series of its own. The Pierre The Maze Detective series was created by Hiro Kamigaki, with several books being released since 2015. Where’s Wally was clearly an inspiration, with the book’s pages being made up of crowded environments and beautiful, intricate details.

That gorgeous level of detail has carried over to the game; every environment you find yourself wandering through in Labyrinth City feels like a page has been torn out of the book. Its beautiful art style really does look like hand-drawn animations brought to life. Wander around and you can interact with the scenery; click on a vase and something might pop out. Walk past a crowd of people and they might have something to say or do. It might not add much to the overall gameplay, but it makes Labyrinth City‘s world feel like a living, breathing place.

Labyrinth City Pierre the Maze Detective 1

We reviewed Labyrinth City when it released on PC last month, calling it a “feel-good gem”. Here’s what we had to say:

“It’s only a simple game, but it’s hard to sit down with Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective and not be taken in by its charm. Its labyrinths never frustrate, instead opting to entertain players with unadulterated humour as they make their way through them. And when coupled with both a quirky soundtrack and sumptuous 2D visuals that are a treat for the eyes, you have an easy-going puzzle adventure that’s suitable for all ages and skill levels.”

That remains just as true after revisiting the game on Nintendo Switch. Switch also introduces touch-screen controls into the game; rather than using the analogue sticks to direct Pierre around the city, you can simply tap a point on the screen for him to make his way to. It’s not foolproof though, and he’ll often try and go the wrong way. It’s nice to have the option, but we found traditional controls much more intuitive.

If you like the idea of wandering through bustling streets, puzzling your way from A to B as you avoid dead ends and blockades, then give Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective a try. Costing just £10.79 on Switch, it’s a steal, packing in hours of good, relaxing fun.

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