Pac-Man and the Ghosts Are Haunting Stockholm’s Subway

Subway Pac-Man

Stockholm has the best public transit system in the world and it’s official.

By “official”, we mean we arbitrarily decided it right now. But we have pretty compelling evidence to prove that nowhere else comes close to matching the sheer awesomeness of Stockholm’s subway.

The evidence, as spotted by Reddit user Criteriaz, and a heck of a lot of other people, is that the in-train grills on Stockholm’s subways now sport a tiny, tiny Pac-Man, in the process of being pursued by four ghosts.

It’s not clear whether this pattern is on one grill per trail, per carriage or so forth, but it’s still a cool little real-life “Easter Egg”. Plus, since Pac-Man is basically a circle with a wedge removed, he fits in nicely with the other dots. It’s a neat nod to the gaming classic and something you could easily miss unless you were looking for it.

Our one fear is that people will start yanking these up and selling them on eBay, to the point where Stockholm puts paid to the design. We’re hoping that, on this occasion, we’ll be allowed to have nice things.