Phoenix Wright Tackles the Great Cereal Milk Debate

Ace Attorney

You can rely on Phoenix Wright to uncover the truth, which is his investigation into cereal milk is super important.

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly Phoenix Wright in the driving seat; this YouTube video, dubbed “do you eat milk” puts words into the mouths of the Ace Attorney and his friends. The debate took place on discord and Scarizard, the video’s creator, turned it into a courtroom debate.

But we have zero problem with that; it only makes it it funnier. This isn’t the first Ace Attorney debate we’ve highlighted but it’s the one that’s most obviously sprung from lockdown. The video revolves around the all important question:

If you’re having cereal with milk, are you eating the milk or drinking the milk?

The debate contains such gems as “Milk is the sauce of cereal” and “Volcanoes are just Earth nipples”, the latter stemming from Larry Butz’s earnest insistence that magma and milk are in fact the same thing. Click below to watch the video in all its mind-bending glory; your life will never be the same again.