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PS5 Users Will Soon Be Able to Expand Their Console’s Storage

It’s been a long time coming, but PS5 owners will soon be able to expand their console’s storage by adding an additional SSD.

Today, Sony has rolled out information about upgrading a PS5’s storage capacity – but initially it will be a feature only available to those in the PS5 system software beta program. Still, that’s good news for every user; it means the feature is getting closer to a general roll-out.

With the latest firmware installed, beta users will be able to install a second SSD into their PS5. That, of course, allows for more internal storage on which PS5 native games can be installed. PS5 owners will be able to make use of SSDs of various sizes, dramatically boosting the amount of internal storage available if they don’t mind the cost.

As we already knew, only very specific M.2 SSDs will be compatible with PS5. As well as being the right physical size, they also need to be superfast. You can expect manufacturers to start boasting about their PS5 compatible SSD drives soon. Sony has also released further information about compatibility, which you can read below:

Find out more about upgrading your PS5’s storage by clicking here.

PS5 owners who have enrolled in the system software beta program get access to PS5 firmware updates sooner than others – but of course, the software they’re using is in beta, so may not be completely reliable. You can apply for beta access by clicking here.

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