Sci-Fi Action Puzzler Claire De Lune Is Out Now

Claire De Lune 1

Claire De Lune sees you roaming an alien planet, looking for your missing daughter, Claire, and periodically trying to guess the plot twist.

Well, not everyone will be actively engaging in the latter, but we’re absolutely the worst for trying to figure out what’s really going on with a game’s storyline. The good news is, since the game’s blurbs states “Dialog options let you choose how you interact with Claire,” it’s probably not going the “dead the whole time” route.

While you won’t be abandoning your quest to build a base in the shape of a willy, Claire De Lune resembles a mash-up of No Man’s Sky and Portal. There’s set to be a smattering of first-person combat but your Nanogun, a construction tool will be your primary means of traversing the alien landscape. So, faced with an impassable chasm, you can nano-construct a glowing step to jump on, unlocking more features as the game goes on.


You’re not entirely alone in your endeavours; you have a wisecracking AI companion with you who’s probably going to turn out to be a hallucination. Sorry, we’re doing it again. If you want to get your hands on Claire De Lune (before one of our plot predictions ends up being on the money), it’s out now on PC, available from the Epic Games Store and the Steam Store.