Sony Has Renewed the Trademark for PlayStation Home

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Is PlayStation Home coming back to PlayStation?

An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted that Sony have renewed the trademark for PlayStation Home and.. what? Oh, right, we guess we’d better explain for anyone who missed out on PlayStation Home the first time. If we can. Because PlayStation Home certainly was a thing.

PlayStation Home was an online social world for the Playstation 3. Unlike Minecraft, you couldn’t build your own home, but you could pay real money to decorate your own apartment. In fact, you could spend an awful lot of money if you weren’t careful, which was almost certainly what Sony wanted. Think Xbox’s Avatars system, but with a series of locations where your avatars could meet, chat and emote. There were also mini-games and even a movie theatre where you could watch full-length movies.


Ultimately, PlayStation Home was decommissioned in March 2015. So why would it come back? Thorites, the Reddit user who spotted the trademark renewal, has theorised its return has something to do with PlayStation VR 2; there are VR chat apps on the Oculus Quest and on PC so it makes sense for PlayStation to provide a similar facility.

And you know what? We’re on board with that. Not because we’re huge proponents of VR chat, because what we really miss about PlayStation Home is Quincying. The strange, though not entirely unpredictable, thing about PlayStation Home was that if you went in with a female avatar you’d end up surrounded by male avatars, all spouting guff like A/S/L and trying to engage with you.

Quincying was the practice of waiting till you’d got a horde of avatars around you then quickly swapping avatar to a male one, typically as large as you could make them, and watching them flee. Not that the players in question ever learnt their lesson, but it was a lot of fun to watch (and re-watch on YouTube).

If PlayStation Home is coming back, we won’t see it formally resurrected until PlayStation VR 2 arrives, which will likely be next year at the earliest.