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2Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders

We start with a game that’s definitely a pure detective sim. The ABC Murders places you in the patent leather shoes of world-famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as you pit your wits against a fiendish killer known only as ABC.

To solve the case, you travel from crime scene to crime scene, observing people, interrogating witnesses and solving puzzles. There’ll be plenty of Sherlock Holmes-style deductions to be made from your observations, too. Having gathered the requisite information, you then use Poirot’s famous little grey cells and mentally reconstruct how the murder must have happened.

None of this is exactly revelatory in a gameplay sense, but it’s beautifully executed. The voice acting is strong, the plot compelling and the whole thing is rendered in a gorgeous, slightly cartoonish art style which really brings to life this vision of 1930s England. The cleverest touch in this detective game, though, is ego points; the game rewards you for acting like Poirot and gently encouraging you to forge a deeper relationship with the character.

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