3Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Want to sprint a golf course or two with Mario and chums? You can do that in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

The latest entry in the Mario golf series, Super Rush features an adventure mode in which you import or create a Mii before embarking on a journey of golf enlightenment. Unfortunately it’s not very long, but it’s fairly fun while it lasts and is a good way to learn the game’s mechanics. Outside of adventure mode, there’s a single player challenge mode, and of course you can play a game of golf against friends, either online or offline.

The Super Rush in the title alludes to the new Speed Golf mode, in which after taking a shot you must run to your ball like a maniac. And along the way, you can obstruct other players if you wish, making it harder for them to get their golf ball in the hole. It’s just a shame that Mario Golf: Super Rush doesn’t have a great deal of content. If you’re after the best golf games on Switch, however, it’s worth checking out.

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