There’s a New Nintendo Switch – the OLED Model – Coming in October

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Nintendo Switch Pro rumours have been rife for quite some time now. And today, Nintendo has announced a new model of the Switch. But be under no illusion: this is far from the ‘Pro’ model fans have been hoping for.

Dubbed the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) – rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? – this new console will be available from 8th October. It’ll retail for $349.99 – so $50 more than the current Switch.

As its title suggests, it sports an OLED screen, a big upgrade from the current LCD screen. It’s also a little bigger; while the overall size of the Switch remains about the same size, a smaller screen bezel allows for a larger screen. The OLED screen is 7 inches while the current model has a 6.2 inch screen.


The Switch (OLED Model) also has a new, more robust stand, 64GB of internal storage (compared to 32GB of the current version), enhanced audio and an updated dock which features a wired LAN port.

And… that’s about it. In terms of the internals of the Switch – processing and graphical power – it’s about the same. Both have a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor. Both output at 720p, which upscales to 1080p when docked. If you were hoping for a 4K Switch experience, this isn’t it.

If you need a new Switch, then the OLED Model is undoubtedly a worthwhile improvement. But is it an upgrade worth forking out for if your current Switch is still perfectly functional? Probably not. An OLED screen is nice, but we’re just not sure it’s enough of an upgrade.

Admittedly, we do like the new colourway: the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will be available in Neon Red/Blue, just like the existing Switch, and a new white model, which is rather suave.

It’ll be available from 8th October. You can find out more about the Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) by clicking here.