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Sol Cresta

36 Years Later, Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta are Getting a Sequel

Remember Moon Cresta? We certainly do and now, thirty-six years later, it’s getting a second sequel in the form of Sol Cresta.

What made this shoot-em-up so memorable for us was a) it was one of the first arcade games we played and b) being able to make your ship bigger by adding modules seemed like magic. Are we excited for a sequel? Yes, not so much because of our experiences with the game (we discovered Street Fighter II in the interim and we may have played one or two other games since) but because it’s being handled by Platinum Games.

Yes, that, Platinum Games, the studio behind such smashes as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Nier: Automata and “Where the hell is Bayonetta 3?” 

“As someone who loved both games myself, I felt deep in my heart that I absolutely could not disappoint players who have faith in the Cresta name,” explains Platinum’s creative director Hideki Kamiya. The sequel began life as an unrelated game also featuring a ship combining mechanic, but then Kamiya remembered how the Cresta games employed just such a mechanic and, after getting approval from the company that held the rights to the Cresta series, Sol Cresta was born.

Except… that might not be entirely true. Sol Cresta was first “announced” in 2020 as an April Fool’s gag. So was the game actually in development then and they decided to disguise it as an April Fool’s joke? Or is Kamiya fibbing about the game’s origins? We’d take the story with a pinch of salt.

Either way, Platinum describes Sol Cresta as a “Free-form docking and shooting game” (let’s hope they don’t google that first term) and will let you assemble craft into different configurations; you can link them directly or have them flying alongside each other, creating one single attack burst. The order you.. connect.. them in determines what attack you get.

The latter reminds us of Shoot1UP, which also let you have more than one ship at a time and if Sol Cresta is anywhere near as good we could be in for a treat. You can find out even more information from Platinum’s official blog, including a list of the specific attacks you’ll be able to use.

Sol Cresta doesn’t have a release date as yet but it’ll be arriving on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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