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About World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic Pets

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic

Pets are a great companion, in-game and out.

In your adventures in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, having a pet as a Hunter is infinitely more valuable. As a ranged class, Hunters are tougher than their spellcasting counterparts, but only by so much. If unprepared, they can still succumb to death in a few hits. It’s a good thing, then, that they have a trusty beastie who can keep enemies at bay. Having a pet can save some serious WoW TBC gold from all the deaths you’ll avoid.

If you’re a player who’s new to The Burning Crusade Classic or simply want some tips, we have some helpful information about pets in World of Warcraft.

Pet Responsibility

Like real-life pets, the ones in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic also need some good ol’ TLC. If you don’t feed your pets, it lowers their loyalty to you and they’ll eventually leave. Keep them fed and happy so you can enjoy their aid in combat.

Different pets eat different food, so make sure you prepare the appropriate food before taming the creature. You wouldn’t try feeding a dog cat food, right? Same principle with these virtual pets. Pets that are stored with the stablemaster don’t need feeding, though.

Make sure to complete the second part of the pet taming quest, because that’s when you learn how to feed your pet. If you rush to tame something, it’ll eventually run away since you can’t feed it. It’s also where you find out which WoW TBC Classic items you can use to feed your pet.

Pet Capacity

Speaking of taming pets, there’s only ever space for three pets for a Hunter. One that adventures with you, and two left with the stablemaster. While levelling up, though, it’s wise to keep only two and leave a space free. That’s because you can get new attacks for your pets by taming a creature that has that attack. After learning the ability, you can release it to free up space again.

That’s a far cry from modern World of Warcraft‘s 1,000 pet capacity, so of course, it can be a shock for those who made the switch. Unfortunately, you can’t create a pet army in World of Warcraft Classic.

Pet Training

Unlike in the modern game, pets in World of Warrcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic all start at the level they were when you tamed them. They don’t gain experience passively, either. That means they have to accompany you in combat to earn experience and level up.

Without training, they can’t learn new abilities or get stronger. They also won’t be loyal to you, since stabled pets don’t need to be fed. With the three-pet capacity, you’re better off picking one kind to focus on training for a long while. Loyalty and levels let the pet earn Training Points (TP) for learning new abilities.

As mentioned above, the Hunter has to learn the ability themselves before teaching it to their companion. Certain abilities are only applicable to certain pet families. Make sure you choose wisely which abilities to teach your pet! There’s also a limited amount of TP your pet can earn. Learning new abilities costs some amount of TP, so use them only when you’re sure about your choice. Thankfully if learning a higher rank of an already learned ability, the points are refunded.

Additional Information

There are six new pet families added in Burning Crusade. These are the Dragonhawk, Nether Ray, Ravager, Serpent, Sporebat, and Warp Stalker.

Pet attack speed has been adjusted to being the same for all kinds, so that’s not a factor in choosing anymore. Choosing a pet is now more about its abilities or the way it looks. Some of the older pet families can also learn new abilities, so check those out. Lastly, pets now get benefits from their Hunter’s stats.

Having a pet on your WoW TBC Classic account isn’t too much of a trial, but you should have something on hand that can keep you supplied with pet food. Make sure to research what your pet can learn too, so you don’t end up wasting gold by taming creatures or learning abilities they won’t be able to use.

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy adventuring with pets that can keep the aggro off you while you pile on the damage.