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F1 2019 was brilliant. In fact, we wondered how Codemasters could improve on it. But it did with F1 2020. And now F1 2021 is on the scene, improved upon yet again. In fact, we’d perhaps go as far to say that F1 2021 is perhaps the best Formula One game ever made.

The challenges the 2021 season of F1 has faced thanks to the pandemic means that the game’s accuracy is a little up in the air; after all, some scheduled races were cancelled. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter though because ardent racing and F1 fans will find a wonderfully-tuned experience packed with new features.

Best of all in F1 2021 is a brand new story-driven campaign mode. Called Braking Point, you’ll take on the role of drive Aiden Jackson. You’ll join him at the end of his F2 2019 season, and spend your time proving his skill and dealing with all kinds of team politics. It’s a fantastic addition to an already excellent game. So if you’re looking for the best racing games on Xbox One, this certainly needs to be on your list.

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