3Cities: Skylines

SimCity might be a thing of the past, but Cities: Skylines takes city building to the next generation. As far as city building simulation games go, this is by far the best on Xbox One. And if you’ve ever dreamed of being in charge of your own metropolis, then this is the game you need.

Cities: Skylines puts you in charge of a city: it’s small at first, but under your charge it’ll (hopefully) flourish into a thriving centre. You’ll need to carefully plan out public services, basic resources, roads and streets, allow your citizens access to education and entertainment, and more. It’s all about balancing happy citizens with your own need to make money and be successful – and that’s not always as easy as it sounds. But if it’s something you’d like to try your hand at, then this is the sim game on Xbox One that you need.

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