1Here are the best single-player games on PS4


Who says that single-player gaming is dead? Well, certain companies consider it to be, but what do they know?

While it’s nice to be able to play games online with friends either cooperatively or competitively, often you just want to immerse yourself in a game’s world without any distractions. For that, there’s nothing better than a great single-player game. Luckily for you, the PS4 is home to some of the best single-player games out there. A lot of them are fairly cheap to pick up now, too.

With so many single-player games on PS4 to choose from, we’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the best of them. Some of them have online features, sure, but none of them require you to interact with another real life person to actually appreciate what they have to offer. And that’s just how we like it. Each and every one of these will provide you with hours of single-player bliss. These are the best single-player games on PS4. Enjoy!

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