1These are the best twin-stick shooters on Xbox

the ascent

Love running and gunning your way through enemies, wildly spraying bullets in every direction as you go?

If you do, chances are you’re a fan of twin-stick shooters. Offering hours of unadulterated arcade-esque fun, twin-stick shooters are great for raising your adrenaline, placing you in hair-raising scenarios where you need to blast enemies all around you to survive. Even better, there are many available on Xbox consoles. But which ones are the best?

We’ve assembled a list of the top twin-stick shooters available on Xbox consoles, from the One right up to Series X, each and every one of them tried and tested by us. Even better, most of them allow you to team up with others, too, either locally or online. And playing with others always equals more fun. So, click on through to discover the best twin-stick shooters on Xbox.