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Bethesda Gives Us a Look at Three of Starfield’s Locations


Bethesda, who are currently developing sci-fi action-RPG Starfield, have given us a glimpse at three of the locations that will feature in the game.

The company uploaded three short videos, narrated by design director Emil Pagliarulo, each showcasing a different location. And… they’re okay, we guess. It’s not that we’re not excited for Starfield, we are, but after bearing witness to The Outer Worlds’ striking locales, we’ve already been a bit spoilt.

Granted, these videos just show off concept art, so maybe these locations, each on a different planet, are more interesting when viewed from first person. The locations are:

  • New Atlantis, a high-tech city which, despite the name, doesn’t actually appear to be underwater.
  • Neon, a literal pleasure dome, a domed city built on a fishing platform. People visit the city to experience the psychotropic drugs made from one specific species of fish. No, really.
  • Akila, an Old West style walled city where people value their freedoms which, we’re guessing, includes the freedom to shoot people at high noon.

Of these three, Neon is the one that’s caught our interest, mainly because of the fish drugs. Did someone lick a fish for fun, then things snowballed from there? We’ll have to wait a little while to find out, because Starfield won’t be arriving until November 11th next year.

In the meantime, you can expect more information to trickle out of Bethesda and while these locations may not have set our world on fire, it’s always interesting to get a peek behind the scenes.

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