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Bloody Action-Adventure Blasphemous is Getting a Sequel and DLC

Blasphemous 3 (1)

Developers The Game Kitchen have confirmed that Blasphemous will be getting both a sequel and a new chunk of free downloadable content.

You’ll have to wait a while for the former, since the sequel’s not going to arrive till 2023, but based on the bloody joy we had playing the original, it should be worth slashing your way through. So will we see the return of the Penitent One, the original’s protagonist?

As fetching as his conical helmet is, probably not; based on Blasphemous’s story, we suspect a new Penitent One will rise to embark on a similarly gruesome journey, taking arms against what they view as the falsehoods of their world’s current prophet. You can expect the sequel to be every bit as grim as the original, certainly.

But that’s not all. There’s a new piece of downloadable content coming, Wounds of Eventide, that “that concludes The Penitent One’s first journey and unlocks the game’s true ending”. The good news is it’s free; we’ve had it up here with games that hide the proper ending behind a paywall. We’re looking at you, Dead Rising 4.

While there’s no date for the sequel, Wounds of Eventide will be arriving this December 9th on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, just in time for Christmas. Just don’t show it to your super-religious Aunty Sue.

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