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Street Fighter V

Capcom Has Revealed Street Fighter V’s Final Fighter, Luke

More than five years after its release, Street Fighter V is getting its final fighter, Luke.

No, really, “Luke”. We thought the game’s last downloadable character would be more spectacular, but no, we’ve got Luke, a UFC-style fighter who’s.. okay, we guess? His release (insert your own mucky joke here) will conclude Street Fighter V’s Season 5, though his presence is, according to Capcom’s video, a glimpse of the future. We honestly hope this doesn’t mean Street Fighter VI is going to go all in on realism.

You’ll have to wait till November to play as Luke and you’ll also have to either purchase the character, have purchased the Season 5 season pass, or earn him in game though the latter’s typically a grind. You can also expect him to come with a range of alternate appearances, adding to Street Fighter V’s massive costume bank.

Aside from Luke, two previously announce fighters are joining the game though you don’t have to wait nearly as long to get them. Street Fighter III’s fighting hermit, Oro and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools are both arriving this August 16th. And while there’s been no announcement to this effect you can all but guarantee that there’ll be a Super Mega Ultra X edition of Street Fighter V this Christmas. So if you’ve managed to hold onto your cash for five years, you should finally have a chance to jump in.

Well, assuming you’ve not gone and spent it on Guilty Gear Strive, that is.

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