Dead By Daylight’s Patch 5.1.1 Fixes The Executioner’s Butt (and Other Things)

dead by daylight silent hill

There’s a new patch available for Dead by Daylight, and one of its fixes in particular caught our eye.

Dead By Daylight Patch 5.1.1 fixes a myriad of bugs and issues in the game. Primarily, it addresses some balancing issues with The Trickster; his Laceration decay time has been increased to 15 seconds (from 10), and the maximum throw speed bonus has been increased to 30% from 25%. If you like playing as the Trickster, those fixes will no doubt come as good news.

There’s also a long list of other bug fixes, some of which we’ll highlight in just a minute. But one of these in particular has caught our eye; no doubt a huge, gamechanging fix for lots of players: “Fixed an issue that caused The Executioner’s rear to be too flat“.


So players, if you’ve ever looked at The Executioner’s booty, and thought it wasn’t quite juicy enough, Behaviour Interactive has your back. Hilariously, the “known issues” section of the patch notes also states “The Executioner’s rear may still be too flat”. We love it.

More seriously, here’s a round-up of some of the most noteworthy bug fixes (not that you can get much more noteworthy than an improved derriere):

  • The generator in Lery’s memorial Institute can now be repaired from all sides
  • Fixed an issue where the killer and survivor are able to get on top of a coal wagon using a rock and a pallet in the Suffocation Pit map
  • The EULA screen has been fixed
  • The power gauge of all Killers will now be visible in spectate mode
  • Various HUD and tooltip visibility issues have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where the Killers’ projectiles can pass through one side of the bed covers in Treatment Theatre
  • Killers will no longer experience issues in using their powers if a survivor disconnects during the into camera pan
  • Various camera movement issues have been addressed
  • Various character animation and cosmetic clipping issues have been fixed
  • Fixed errors that some players encountered when buying Auric Cells on PS5 and Stadia

You can read the full patch notes for Dead By Daylight‘s update 5.1.1 on the official forum.