Does Aliens: Fireteam Elite Have a Single-Player Mode?

Aliens: Fireteam Elite

If you’re a massive Alien fan but don’t like multiplayer games, you might be wondering if Aliens: Fireteam Elite has a single-player mode.

The latest game based on the Alien film franchise, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is, at its core, a team-based third-person shooter. Presenting players with four short campaigns to play through, the idea is to team up with two other players and tackle the hordes of xenomorphs and other hostile forces that the game throws at you as you move though familiar Alien environments.

But, and this will be good news for many, you don’t need to play with other human beings if you don’t want to. If you choose to go it alone, you will be accompanied by two synthetics into battle, allowing you to essentially play Aliens: Fireteam Elite as a single-player game.


There are some things to be aware of, however. The synthetics that accompany you if you do go it alone are only really effective if you play the game on standard difficulty or lower. Go any higher, and you’ll find yourself having a tough time. In fact, some missions will be pretty much impossible to complete. That will stop you from getting all of the game’s Achievements or Trophies if you’re into such things.

Another thing to consider is that the synthetics will also use the basic Gunner class, which means the skill set available to your team will be pretty shallow, especially if you also choose to play as a Gunner. Needless to say, while Aliens: Fireteam Elite can be played alone as a single-player game, it shines when played in co-op with others.

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