Dying Light is Getting a Gloriously Ridiculous Low Gravity Event

Dying Light

Ever fancied killing zombies in low gravity? Now’s your chance, thanks to Dying Light’s, er, Low Gravity event.

And we do mean “now”, because the event is underway and, while it’ll be around till September 1st, it’s never to early to get some started on some low-g zombie-killing. And yes, we are talking about Dying Light; despite Dying Light 2 being a couple months of away, Techland are adding new content to the original parkour zombie game.

They do have a financial interest this time around, more so than selling extra copies of Dying Light. For $2.99 you can purchase the astronaut add-on pack which, beyond the event, will give you a spacesuit, ray gun and more. And you know what? We’re definitely tempted – we don’t normally jump at microtransactions but we’re up for making Dying Light a little sillier.

You don’t have to buy the astronaut pack to participate, naturally; also, while the event features zero gravity, it’s still set in Harran so you’re not fighting zombies on the moon. There are “aliens” but they’re really just reskinned bandits. But given the event itself is free there’s no harm in diving in. Dying Light’s Low Gravity event runs until 01.09.2021 at 19:00 CET on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.