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eFootball’s Early Autumn Release Will Be a Feature Limited “Demo”

eFootball is coming this early autumn. Sort of.

In case you’re wondering what the heck eFootball is, you can check out our article here, but it’s essentially Konami’s replacement for Pro Evolution Soccer, better known as PES. Unlike PES, which was a full price product, eFootball will be a free-to-play game (with some extra features available for purchase).

However, as spotted by an eagle-eyed ResetEra poster, the official eFootball account has confirmed that, while eFootball will be with us this early autumn, it won’t be the “full” version of the game. Instead, it’ll be more of a demo or Early Access version.

This revelation cropped up in a a Q&A thread posted by the official eFootball Twitter account. The thread is well worth reading in its entirety, since it contains a lot of information about the upcoming game. But, in response to the question “Is “Early Autumn” launch basically a demo?”, the reply was:

“In many ways, yes. We want people to get hands-on with eFootball™ as soon as possible, so we will launch with a limited number of teams and modes. Exact details to follow.”

So, while eFootball is hitting this early autumn, it won’t sport the same features the outgoing Pro Evolution Soccer has. Our advice? If you’re thinking of ditching your copy of PES 2021, hang onto it for now.

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