Gardening Life Sim The Garden Path is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Garden Path

The Garden Path, a cutesy but odd life sim about maintaining a wilderness garden, is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Originally, it was set for a PC release only but one of the Kickstarter stretch goals for the project was a Switch version and, having surpassed that target, it’ll be arriving on Nintendo’s console.

The Kickstarter launched last month, and the project has beaten its goal which, fingers crossed, means it’ll arrive towards the end of this year. Having beaten the Nintendo Switch stretch goal, The Garden Path’s next goal is local multiplayer which, if it can raise roughly £5000 in the next 27 hours, it’ll beat.

We’re definitely intrigued by The Garden Path, even if its big-faced mask-wearing NPC does worry us a little. In particular, the idea of a seasonal cycle has caught our attention; before we started messing around with our own real-world garden we didn’t appreciate how planting things at the right time can spell bloom or doom.

The Garden Path’s Kickstarter, which you can find here, has just over a day to go so if you want to back developer Louis Durrant’s labour of love, you need to hurry. And if you’re on the fence you can download a demo right now.

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