Golf Club: Wasteland Preview: Golf, But Not as You Know It

Golf Club Wasteland 1 (1)

With Earth uninhabitable, humans have moved to Mars.

In the world of Golf Club: Wasteland, Earth still has its uses, though. People often nip back for a cheeky round of golf, using the apocalyptic wasteland to inject a bit of challenge into proceedings. Imagine crazy golf but for rich grown ups, then you have a rough idea of what to expect.

Jump into Golf Club: Wasteland‘s story mode and you’ll have a fairly chill experience. Holes are presented as levels, and they start out very simple indeed. Using the left analogue stick, you simply pull back to set your power and trajectory. Then, with a single push of a button, you take your swing. It might take you a swing or two to get used to the mechanics and physics, but soon enough you might have your first hole-in-one.


Progress past the first few levels, however, and holes-in-one soon become impossible. Eventually, levels become more like puzzles, with you needing to work out where you need to hit the ball before stepping up to the task. With no way past an object, for example, you might need to hit your ball into a pipe for it to emerge elsewhere. You might also need to land it on multiple platforms before finally being able to put it on what you could call the green.

Golf Club Wasteland 2 (1)

To help you in your task you can handily zoom the camera in and out, as well as move the camera around with the right analogue stick. Doing so also allows you to appreciate Golf Club: Wasteland‘s stunning visuals. The art on display here is phenomenal, with loads of lovely little touches. You might also appreciate the comical gestures made by your astronaut golfer, as well as the way he nonchalantly jetpacks to his ball after a shot.

Perhaps what’s most notable about Golf Club: Wasteland, however, is its soundtrack. A selection of music tracks and personal stories form what is dubbed Radio Nostalgia from Mars, providing a mesmerising backdrop to the action. Providing a glimpse of what life is like on Mars for the people of this future, it gives the game gravitas, and the music tracks themselves are also excellent, absorbing you into the action.

Golf Club Wasteland 3 (1)

For those who want more of a serious golfing experience, Golf Club: Wasteland will also offer two further modes: Challenge mode requires players to complete each level under par, while Iron mode leaves pretty much no room for error. Of course, players will need to master the shot system to stand a chance.

Set for release on 3rd September on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, every copy of Golf Club: Wasteland will include the official soundtrack plus a graphic novel that further explores the backstory of the game’s lonely golfer, Charley. And for those who want a taste of the game now, a demo is available now on PC via Steam.