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Hades Door Guide: What Does Each Door Symbol Mean in Hades?

Knowing what reward lies ahead in Hades is incredibly useful – so it’s important to know what every door symbol means. Let us help.

Once you’ve completed a room in Hades, you’ll have to walk through a door taking you to the next area. Sometimes you’ll have a choice of doors to walk through. Each door will be laden with a symbol, which lets you see what reward you’ll receive for culling all the enemies if that room.

Some of those rewards will be boons from the gods – of which you’ll get to choose from multiple. Others will be currencies that can unlock permanent upgrades, like keys, droplets of Darkness, and Gemstones. Read on to see our guide of all door symbols in Hades and what they all mean.

Useful items and upgrades

Darkness: The main permanent currency in Hades. Use these drops of Darkness to unlock permanent upgrades when back in Zagreus’ bedroom.
Keys: These are permanent across all runs. You can use them to unlock new weapons, and also to unlock new permanent upgrade possibilities.
Pomegranate of Power: Upgrade one of your existing boons to the next level.
Daedalus Hammer: Add an upgrade to your weapon. Exactly what the hammer offers depends on your weapon, but it can increase attack speed, damage, range and more.
Charon’s Obol: This non-permanent currency can be used in Charon’s shop during your current run. 
Centaur heart: This heart will increase your maximum health by 25 (and also add 25 to your current health).
Nectar: This can be given to a god as a gift. Depending who you gift it to, they’ll give you a ‘keepsake’ in return – a useful perk that can be enabled on your next run.
Gemstones: This permanent currency can be used to unlock various upgrades with the contractors back at the Underworld. Many are simply cosmetic, but plenty are very beneficial to your progress.

Rare items

Titan blood: This can only be used once you’ve beat the final boss. With it, you can begin to upgrade your weapons permanently.
Diamond: You can use these to purchase more expensive upgrades with the contractor back at the Underworld.
Ambrosia: This is an upgraded gift which can be given to the gods. You’ll not use it until later in the game, when you can gift it to gods you’ve completed favours for.


Poseidon: Choose a boon from this particular god. Poseidon offers boons that increase your damage and knockback enemies, as well as offering increased monetary rewards.
Zeus: Choose a boon from this particular god. Zeus’ boons will imbue your attacks with chains of lightning.
Dionysus: Choose a boon from this particular god. Dionysus has a very useful ‘Hangover’ skill that can do damage over time to your enemies.
Hermes: Choose a boon from this particular god. Hermes can increase your movement speed and dodge ability.
Demeter: Choose a boon from this particular good. Demeter is the god of seasons, and therefore can imbue your weapons with Cold, which in turn inflicts it upon enemies.
Athena: Choose a boon from this particular god. Athena’s boons allow for enemy projectiles to be deflected – a very useful skill indeed.
Artemis: Choose a boon from this particular god. Artemis’ boons are concerned with increasing your critical hit chance.
Ares: Choose a boon from this particular god. Ares is all about damage. His Doom attack is very useful in dealing a lot of damage to enemies.
Aphrodite: Choose a boon from this particular god. Her boons will imbue your weapon with the ability to weaken and charm enemies.

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