Here’s the Patch Notes for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 5

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Warzone Season Five

Today, Treyarch has published information about the upcoming season five of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – including those all-important patch notes.

Kicking off today, August 12th, at 9pm PT, season five of Black Ops Cold War brings new content to Multiplayer, Zombies, Outbreak, Onslaught and Dead Ops Arcade 3.

This highly anticipated update brings a huge amount of new content to the game, including new Battle Pass tiers, a new Operator, new Prestige Levels, new missions and challenges, new multiplayer maps, and more. And that’s only a taste of what’s to come.

We’ve included highlights from the patch notes below. You can read the guide to season five on Treyarch’s official website, including full patch notes, by clicking here.

New content:
  • A new 100-tier Battle Pass, which includes new Operator Kitsune, and two new weapons; EM2, available at Tier 15 and TEC-9, available at Tier 31.
  • There are new weapons to unlock via Multiplayer or Zombies in-game challenges. There’s a Cane melee weapon, a C58 and MG 82.
  • A Challenge Tracker has been added to the pause menu.
  • New Operator Missions available in Multiplayer and Zombies.
  • Four new Prestige Levels (20-23) have been added, along with new prestige rewards.
  • Echelon (6v6) and Slums (6v6) maps added to Multiplayer.
  • Showroom (2v2 and 3v3) map added into rotation in Gunfight and Face Off modes.
  • New Double Agent mode added to Multiplayer.
  • 20 new Multiplayer Season Challenges added, complete with new Calling Card and XP rewards.
  • Wheelie mechanic added to Dirt Bike in Combined Arms and Multi-Team modes.
  • New Death Perception perk added to Zombies mode – upgradable via Der Wunderfizz machine.
  • New Tesla Storm Field Update available in round-based maps and Outbreak.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where previous season Weapon Unlock Challenges could stop progressing.
  • Certain hacked Field Upgrades will now contribute to Season Challenges.
  • Addressed an issue where previously unlocked Weapon Challenges would continue to display in the Challenges section of the After-Action Report.
  • PS5 controller haptic issues on PC have been addressed.
  • Gunfight multiplayer mode will no longer show all players’ health as 0.
  • Bomb planting issues in Search & Destroy have been fixed.
  • Boss will no longer become stuck in Main Quest boss fights in Mauer Der Toten.

Give the video below a watch for a taste of what to expect in Call of Duty Black Ops Coldwar & Warzone season five.