Horizon Zero Dawn Now Supports 60FPS on PlayStation 5

Horizon Zero Dawn 20170514163422

Horizon Forbidden West may have been delayed, but thanks to a new patch, you’ve got a good reason to reexperience the game that started it all, Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Enhanced Performance Patch, out now on PlayStation 5, targets 60FPS on that console. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get 60 frames-per-second all the time but given the PlayStation 5’s power you should be getting it more often than not.

Honestly, even if you don’t have a PlayStation 4 it’s still worth replaying Horizon Zero Dawn. We reviewed the PC version last year, saying that it was “a great game when it released three years ago, and it remains a great game now”.


It casts you as Aloy, a bow-wielding huntress who, in between shooting robot dinosaurs and other mecha-beasts, seeks out the truth of her lineage. True, we do feel slightly bad about murdering innocent creatures, robots or not, but it’s an awful lot of fun.

The patch should be available right now and will either download automatically or, providing you’re online, you’ll be prompted next time you play Horizon Zero Dawn. It should, at least, keep you going till February 2022 which is when the sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, arrives on the PS4 and PS5.