How Long Does it Take to Beat No More Heroes 3?

No More Heroes 3 6 (1)

If you’re currently playing through No More Heroes 3, or thinking of picking it up at a later date, you might be wondering how long it takes to beat it.

The latest game in Suda51’s No More Heroes series, No More Heroes 3 is perhaps the biggest one yet. Those who loved the first game in particular will perhaps be happy to hear that it once again features an open world, though you also need to pay an entry fee to enter ranked battles again, too. But how long does it take to beat it?

It took us about 13 hours to complete No More Heroes 3 on the standard Bitter difficulty level. We completed more side missions than we needed to do, however, and spent some time exploring the open world. So, it’s feasible that some could beat it in around 10-12 hours.

There are those that will want to see and do everything that No More Heroes 3 has to offer, however, and we’d wager that the game has around 20 hours worth of content for them. Thanks to New Game Plus and multiple difficulty levels, they might get even more hours out of it, too. So, 10-12 hours should be viewed as the minimum amount of time you’ll spend with the game if you want to beat it.

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