How Many Players Does Aliens: Fireteam Support?

Aliens Fireteam Elite 1 (1)

So, you’re keen to go hands on with another game set in the Alien universe. You’re also keen on multiplayer games. But you may be wondering, how many players does Aliens: Fireteam Elite support?

There are many co-op shooters available, and generally they tend to support up to four players. You know, games like World War Z, Left 4 Dead, and it’s upcoming spiritual sequel Back 4 Blood. Aliens: Fireteam Elite breaks the mould, however, by only allowing up to three players to work together.

It seems like an odd number. Well, it is an odd number mathematically. But perhaps there’s method to developer Cold Iron Studios’ madness. For one, it means that the many claustrophobic corridors you journey through in Aliens: Fireteam Elite aren’t quite so cluttered with players. It also means the odds are further stacked against you, making victory ever more sweeter.


With five character classes currently available in the game, four unlocked from the outset, it also means there are many more possible fireteam combinations. Not all classes can be represented, so it means teams have to think long and hard about what classes to take into a mission.

Remember though, that Aliens: Fireteam Elite supports up to three players. Unlike some other co-op shooters, it’s perfectly acceptable to play alone if you wish, with the other two slots being taken up by computer-controlled synths. Or you can simply play with one other friend, and have the third slot filled by a synth. It’s up to you. Needless to say, the three-player limit will only really bother you if you have lots of friends.

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