How to Beat Lucktopus in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts Lucktopus
Psychonauts 2

The first big boss you’ll come up against in Psychonauts 2 is Lucktopus – a casino-themed octopus. Here’s how to beat it.

Lucktopus has three stages, and defeating it can be a bit tricky – especially on the final stage. But once you know what to do, taking down this huge Psychonauts 2 boss isn’t too difficult.

First, you’ll want to use your ranged attack on the tentacle on the right. There’s a chip blocking a hole, and your ranged attack will knock off, leaving the hole exposed. One of Lucktopus’ attacks sends exploding lightbulbs your way. Grab one with your telekinesis power before it explores and fling it over to the hole in the tentacle. This will trigger a short cutscene.


After the cutscene, you’ll now need to climb up to Lucktopus’ head by swinging on the orbs. Watch out for enemies near the top; attack them with your ranged attack. Jump inside Lucktopus’ head and hit the heart inside. That’s the first phase (of three) completed.

You’ll now need to repeat the process another two times, each time getting a little trickier. On phase two, you’ll need to hit a tentacle on the left, and once again fire a light bulb at it with telekinesis. This time, Lucktopus has extra attacks to fire your way, so be extra cautious. There’s also a hand of cards blocking the tentacle, so you’ll need to time your throw of the lightbulb when the cards are down.

Once you’ve done that, it’s a climb back up to the top of the octopus, and once again attack the heart.

The third and final round of the fight with Lucktopus is perhaps the hardest. This time, they have an attack that electrifies the floor. Stay on top of the piles of chips dotted around the battlefield in order to avoid taking damage. It does a lot of damage, so get hit with it a couple of times and you’ll be sent all the way back to the beginning of the fight.

The tentacle you need to hit moves from left to right, so be mindful of its position. Once again, hit it with your ranged attack to reveal a hole, then throw a lightbulb into the hole. The climb up to Lucktopus’ head is the same each time, so head up and whack that heart.

That’s it – that’s how to beat Lucktopus in Psychonauts 2. Good luck!

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