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Psychonauts 2 judge

How to Beat the Judge Enemy in Psychonauts 2

The Judge is one of the more troublesome enemies in Psychonauts 2. So how do you beat it? We’ve got you covered.

You’ll first face the Judge in Psychonauts 2 when you enter Compton’s head in the Psycho-isolation unit. It’s a one-on-one fight, allowing you to concentrate on defeating the Judge. But be warned; Judge enemies will pop up again, and you’ll have to deal with them alongside other enemies.

Thankfully, once you know how to handle a Judge they’re not too bad to defeat. Here’s how to beat them.

The easiest way to defeat a Judge in Psychonauts 2 is by grabbing his huge gavel – that’s the hammer in his hands. Use your telekinesis skill to grab it from him (you’ll need to hold down the skill for a couple of seconds to pluck it). Once you’ve got it, fling the gavel back at him. This will do a good amount of damage.

When he’s not holding the gavel, the Judge will also throw books at you. You can grab these with telekinesis before they hit you then throw them back at him. Eventually, another gavel will appear. Repeat, and he’ll soon be dead.

You can also damage him with your standard melee attack, or use your ranged attack. But attacking him with his own gavel does the most amount of damage, so you should always aim to grab that first.

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