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Truheltia Memonstria Psychonauts 2

How to Beat Truheltia Memonstria, the Plant Monster in Psychonauts 2

Struggling on how to beat Truheltia Memonstria, the plant boss in Psychonauts 2? Here’s what you need to know.

You’ll face this monstrous plant monster when you’re inside Bob’s head. He’s a keen gardener, you see, so it makes sense that his fears would materialise as giant plants. Thankfully, this battle is one of the easier ones you’ll face in Psychonauts 2.

In the fight against Truheltia Memonstria, you’ll find yourself on a floating door at sea. You can’t move off the door and you can’t change the direction you’re moving in. All you’re able to do is move up and down with the L stick in order to change which ‘lane’ you’re in. You’ll need to keep moving between lanes in order to dodge incoming attacks.

One such incoming attacks sees big red seeds thrown into your path. You can pick these up with telekinesis and throw them back at the plants, doing a decent amount of damage. You can also damage them with your ranged attack. Keep spamming the attack and picking up seeds to throw, and you’ll have them damaged in no time.

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, you’ll find yourself back on dry land. Attack the moth cocoon, where Bob is imprisoned, in order to free him. You’ll now have to fight a Bad Mood enemy and some smaller foes.

You’ll then find yourself back on the door, and you’ll need to repeat the first stage. Keep on throwing seeds and using your ranged attack on the plants, and you’ll beet Truheltia Memonstria before you know it.

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