How to Change Skills in Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

As you play through Psychonauts 2, you’ll gain numerous skills, all of which you’ll need to use. But how do you change what skills are assigned? Here’s what you need to know.

You can have four skills equipped in Psychonauts 2 at any one time: one each assigned to your shoulder buttons and triggers. That means you can have four skills at hand, but ultimately you’ll end up with eight skills to choose from in the game. As such, you’ll need to regularly switch out which skills you have mapped to your buttons.

But how do you change what skills are assigned in Psychonauts 2. Thankfully, it’s very easy to do. Simply press ‘up’ on the d-pad. This will bring up a new screen, showing each of your skills and which buttons they’re assigned to. Select a skill with your thumbstick then press the button you wish to assign it to. It’ll automatically overwrite whatever skill is currently there (if any).


But what skills should you have assigned? Well, this will depend on what skills you need at the time, along with your personal preferences. We found it handy to always keep certain skills assigned – the ability to hover while jumping is always useful, as is the ranged attack. You may also find other skills constantly useful, like telekinesis. But particular levels call for certain skills, and when these pop up you’ll need to hop into the menu and make sure they’re assigned.

Having to go into the menu regularly to re-assign your skills in Psychonauts 2 is a bit of a pain. But you’ll soon get used to it – and thankfully, all of your skills are a lot of fun to use.

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