How to Charge Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers

Wondering how to charge your Switch’s Joy-Con controllers? Here’s everything you need to do about keeping them powered.

Unless you buy additional peripherals for your Nintendo Switch, there’s only one way to charge your Joy-Con controllers: that’s by having them connected to your Switch while it’s on charge. You charge your Switch via the USB-C port; either plug it in directly to the wall, or place it in the Switch dock. If your Joy-Cons are connected to your Switch, they’ll also charge at the same time.

However, if you want to charge your Joy-Cons separately, you’ll need to purchase another peripheral to be able to do so. You can purchase a Joy-Con Charging Grip; this is like the bundled Charging Grip that comes with your Switch controller, except it allows you to charge your Joy-Cons as if they were a separate controller. Mount the Joy-Cons into the Charging Grip, and you’ll then be able to connect the Grip to a USB charger.

You can also purchase a third-party Joy-Con charging mount; a separate stand that allows you to dock your controllers and charge them separately from your Switch. This is handy if you have more than one set of Joy-Cons, which is useful if you enjoy playing multiplayer games. Joy-Con charging stands, like this one, are relatively cheap and allow you to charge up to four Joy-Cons at once.

So: there are multiple ways to charge your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, but only if you buy extra accessories. Out of the box, the only way to charge your Joy-Cons is by attaching them to your Switch, and putting your Switch on charge.