How to Increase Your Stats in No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 5 (1)

If you’re playing through No More Heroes 3, you’ll probably find yourself struggling at some point unless you increase your stats and acquire some new techniques.

It’s something that the game doesn’t explain to you very well – if at all. Once you’ve gained a couple of places in the rankings, however, you’re able to slide down the pole in Travis’ room at the motel in Santa Destroy and access a laboratory. There you can power yourself up – amongst other things – making your time with No More Heroes 3 more fun.

To increase your stats and learn new techniques, head down to Dr Noami’s laboratory and interact with the arcade machine that’s down there, sat in front of a tree. You’ll find that it allows you to increase your health, attack power, beam katana power and more, but you’ll need to pump World End Super Nova, or WESN for short, into to do so. There are new techniques to learn, too.

You can earn WESN in a variety of ways in No More Heroes 3. You’ll earn some by completing ranked battles, for examples; the higher your grade, the more you earn. It can also be earned by completing Defense and Volunteer missions, and sometimes you’ll earn it via the slots that pop up during battle. Basically, just play the game and you’ll earn plenty of WESN to power Travis up.

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