How to Save Your Game in Hades

hades 4

Being a roguelike, you might be wondering if you can save your game in Hades part-way through a run. We’ve got good news.

Some roguelikes won’t let you save your game while you’re still playing (Returnal, we’re looking at you). Instead, you’ll have to wait until you’ve finished your current run – or god forbid, abandon in. Thankfully, Hades is not one of those games. You’re able to save Hades at almost any point of the game.

To save, you simply need to hit the ‘options’ button to bring up the main menu, where you’ll see a ‘save and quit’ option. You can save at any point while you’re back in Zagreus’ home in the Underworld. But to save while on a run, you’ll need to make sure you’ve cleared your current room first.

As long as no more enemies remain in the room, and you’ve picked up any boon that’s waiting for you, you’ll be able to use the ‘save and quit’ option from Hades‘ main menu. Then, next time you load up the game, you’ll start right from where you left it. Handy, eh?

You can save and quit as many times as you need to, too. So if breaking out of Hell is getting too much for you, take a break whenever you’d like.

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