How to Use Consumables in Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Aliens Fireteam Elite 2 (1)

Your use of consumables can turn the tide of battle in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, especially on harder difficulties.

There are many consumables available in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, ranging from special ammo to sentry guns. You can take two consumable items into battle with you, and can acquire yet more during missions. But you might be wondering how you actually use them.

To use consumables during a mission, you first need to press right on the d-pad to bring up the consumables menu. Displayed in a circle, you can then tilt the right analogue stick in the direction of the consumable item you wish to use, then press the confirm button to select it. You can use the right trigger as well as X when using a PlayStation controller, or the A button when using an Xbox controller.

Consumables such as special ammo will be used immediately upon selecting them, but others, such as sentry guns and mines, will need to be placed. Simply move around until they are placed just where you want them, make sure they’re lit up green, then press the same button you did to select them to set them down.

If you go into the consumables menu and then decide you don’t want to use one, even during the placement stage, simply press the cancel button to back out. That’s the Circle button on a PlayStation controller, and B on an Xbox controller. Make use of consumables, and success will come that bit easier.

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