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Marsback Zephyr Pro Gaming Mouse Review: A Fan? In a Mouse?

Marsback Zephyr Pro

A mouse with a fan inside? Witchcraft!

The Zephyr Pro gaming mouse from Marsback is exactly that; a lightweight mouse with a fan inside to keep the palm of your hand cool while you play. It also sports a dazzling amount of RGB lighting so your desktop feels like a retro disco. We love this mouse.

Available in black or white, the Zephyr Pro gaming mouse is rather simple in its shape and design. There are two standard buttons, a wheel, and two additional buttons on the left side, which by default are programmed as ‘back’ and ‘forward’. There’s also an additional button underneath the wheel that lets you adjust the mouse cursor’s speed, and buttons on the underside of the mouse can be pushed to adjust or turn off the RGB lighting and the fan.

This is a seriously nice looking mouse. Even without the RGB lighting (which can be completely turned off if you’re not a fan), the patterned hole design to allow for airflow is eye-catching, and it ensures the mouse is extremely light. You can also see the fan going round inside (with its own RGB lights, of course) which is a nice touch. A soft braided cable finishes it off. It looks and feels like a true quality product. It’s by-the-by, but its packaging is also the nicest we’ve ever seen for a mouse, too.

Marsback Zephyr Pro

If you opt to download the Zephyr Pro’s custom software (available from Marsback’s official website) you can have full control of the mouse’s DPI, button remapping and RGB lighting. For advanced users, there’s also the option to save and record your own macros. You don’t need the software though; the mouse’s own inputs allow you to cycle through RGB presets and alter the DPI. But it’s a nice touch for users who want a more customised experience.

Now, let’s talk about the mouse’s star attraction: the fan. Yes, a fan inside a mouse sounds very much like a gimmick. Perhaps it is – it’s certainly not necessary – but it’s got to be said, the light cooling sensation on your hand is very nice. It’s very subtle; don’t expect the force of a Dyson Airblade billowing into your palm. This is a gentle flow of air ensuring your hand doesn’t get sweaty – and it really does work.

The downside is that, of course, fans are not completely silent. The Zephyr Pro gaming mouse is not loud, by any means, but it does emit a slight whirring noise. If your PC has fans of its own and a mechanical hard drive, it’ll likely get drowned out by the natural noises of that. But in a quiet room, with an SSD-powered machine and no other fans turning, the noise is unmistakable. If you’re sensitive to sounds you might find it slightly off-putting.

Marsback Zephyr Pro

The fan can be disabled (simply hold down the ‘fan’ button on the underside of the mouse for three seconds), but doing so diminishes the unique draw of the Marsback Zephyr Pro. You’ll immediately notice the difference once the fan is no longer on; that pleasant cooling sensation on your palm suddenly taken away. Still, the design of the mouse’s shell means that you’ll still get a good amount of airflow even without the fan on.

Perhaps it is a novelty, but having a fan inside a mouse really does feel luxurious. It’s a shame it comes with the caveat of some extra whirring added to your desktop – but if you’re not too sensitive to noise or your office already is far from silent, you’ll probably not notice too much. Even without the fan, this is a seriously well-made peripheral that’s a pleasure to use.

The Marsback Zephyr Pro is available from Marsback’s official website priced at $59 (approximately £42). Discount code GSONLY allows you to save $10.

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