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Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread’s Latest Gameplay Trailer is Here

Metroid Dread’s latest trailer shows the game in action and offers up a surprise or two.

The first surprise is that it doesn’t, in fact, show Samus fighting a chorizo, which is how our breakfast-hungry brains kept interpreting the press release. Instead, it features a Chozo, a member of the near-extinct birdlike species who adopted her and who seems intent on doing her some harm.

On top of that, the trailer reveals that Samus may be doing some serious damage to her surroundings. Like the other 2D Metroid outings, some areas are blocked off until you gain a specific ability. But this isn’t just a case of blasting the odd block, the trailer shows Samus using her powers to yank a massive piece of underwater equipment right out of the wall. That definitely won’t have any horrifying, facility-flooding consequences later, honest.

There’s also a fair amount of swinging and blasting, as you might expect all of which looks suitably gorgeous, considering that Dread is running on the Nintendo Switch and not the 3DS, which is where the last 2D Metroid title saw the light of day.

Naturally, there will also be massive bosses to fight, several of which feature into the above trailer and it also showcases Samus’s many abilities. However, if you want to put these cool moves into action or blast those bosses in the face you’ll have to wait until Metroid Dread lands on the Nintendo Switch this October 8th.

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