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Streets of Rage Knife Galsia

This Streets of Rage 2 Parody Video is Comedy Gold

Never Underestimate Knife Galsia is a lesson we learned long, long ago. It’s also the title of one of the best video game parodies we’ve seen in ages.

We ploughed hour after hour into Streets of Rage 2, Sega’s Mega Drive brawler which, rightly so, is considered by many to be the best beat-em-up ever. And, more often than not, we came a cropper because we underestimated hoodlum Galsia’s knife-wielding incarnation.

Galsia would charge at you, holding a knife in the most unnatural way possible and, if you were sensible, you’d get out of the way and kick him in the back. But, if like us, you wanted to show off, you’d try and knock the knife out of his hands; you’d then miss completely and end up getting skewered in the stomach.

Never Underestimate Knife Galsia is the work of YouTuber Goat-on-a-Stick who, following in the footsteps of Joel Haver, uses EbSynth to produce some superb animations. It takes the low-level foe and shoves him into the limelight, showing what happens when… well, we’ll let the video speak for itself.


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