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Park Beyond

Park Beyond Will Throw Gravity and Safety Standards to the Wind

Park Beyond promises to let you craft some truly neck, er, ground-breaking rides.

Developers Limbic Entertainment and publishers Bandai Namco are behind the theme park sim and boast that it’ll take you on “a journey where you’ll learn to imagine, build and manage parks so uniquely bold that their legacy would live on forever.”

Essentially, this means that, alongside all more mundane customer satisfaction nonsense, you’ll be crafting rides that couldn’t or shouldn’t exist. The trailer doesn’t feature an awful lot of gameplay but it does give you a glimpse of some the potential rides. You could, for example, have a roller coaster that launches a car off the end of the track then catches it on the other side.

Yes, we’re feeling queasy just thinking about it, but apparently no-one’s going to shut you down for rides that could be derailed by a strong crosswind. What we do wonder, however, is whether Park Beyond will factor in the effect of g-forces on the human body. There’s a disturbing, but theoretical, roller coaster called the Euthanasia Coaster that, due to the forces involved, could kill its passengers. Will Park Beyond let players go that far?

You’ll have to wait until 2022 to find out, which is when Park Beyond arrives on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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