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Post-Brexit Sim Not Tonight is Getting a USA-centric Sequel

Not Tonight 2

Remember Not Tonight, the doorman game that cast you as a European worker in a country where you weren’t welcome? It’s getting a sequel.

We took a look at Not Tonight back in 2018, concluding it delivered “a good few hours of guilt-ridden, morally questionable entertainment.” Now the sequel, Not Tonight 2, is set to send you to an “alternative, defective America, where capitalism and political greed have taken center stage and democracy is a thing of the past.”

We’re not sure if we’d class that as “alternative” but it Not Tonight 2’s world is set to dial up MAGA politics and, written by “a team of POC writers and artists” it’s well positioned to take a pop at the United States. It’ll cast you as a trio of individuals, attempting to recover their friend Eduardo’s identification documents and ensure he doesn’t disappear into some right-wing hole.

The way you accomplish this is by working your way across the states, taking a job as a doorman wherever you go. Sounds easy? Not quite. You’ll have to filter people according to the “law” of the land, tossing people out not just because they have a fake ID, but because they’re the “wrong” religion and so on.

Once again, it’s being developed by Panic Barn and published by No More Robots it’s currently destined for PC (you can wishlist it here) and Switch. There’s no concrete release date yet but Not Tonight 2 will be arriving some time later this year. Give the trailer a watch below.

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