Samurai Shodown’s Update Patch 2.41 Improves Characters’ Performances and More

Samurai Shodown 2 (1)

SNK has just put out patch notes for the latest update to come to Samurai Shodown, patch ver.2.41.

The update, which is available across all platforms, prepares the game for new DLC character Baiken. But it also makes several quality of life changes and tweaks a number of characters in order to improve their performance.

On all platforms, wall jumping is now being detailed as being performed weaponless in the command menu. Furthermore, players can now adjust the Guard Crush meter when in online Training Mode. Specifically to the Xbox Series X/S version of the game, an issue which was allowing characters to cancel hitstun has now been resolved, as has a previous issue with Warden’s special move not displaying correctly.

The main changes in Samurai Shodown‘s patch 2.41, however, relate to characters’ moves. A number of characters have been tinkered with in order to improve/balance them. They are as follows:

Jubei Yagyu
  • Increased opponent hitstun when hit with Advancing Kick
  • Decreated hurtbox horizontally with Jumping Heavy Slash
  • All recovery frames have been reduced for Reflecting Mind’s Eye Sabre, Mind’s Eye Sabre of Mutual and Raging Heaven’s Mind’s Eye Sabre
  • Increased opponent hitstun when hit with Advancing Kick or Surprise Attack
Yashamaru Kurama
  • Hitting with Wintry Gust (MAX Rage) no longer confirmed against guard points and super armour
Hibiki Takane
  • Recovery frames have been reduced for Crouching Forward Kick
  • Damage has been reduced for Standing Close Heavy Slash, Standing Far Heavy Slash and Distance Slash Light Slash
  • Standing Close Heavy Slash is now cancellable after the first hit
  • Increase opponent hitstun when hit with Distance Slash Light Slash
  • The amount of time needed to go behind opponent for Beckoning Slash Medium Slash and Beckoning Slash Heavy Slash has been reduced
  • Beckoning Slash Heavy Slash is now cancellable when running past opponent when this attack is guarded against
Shiro Tokisada Amakusa
  • Standing Forward Kick is now cancellable
  • Evil Hornet Gouger Forward and Evil Horden Gouger Back are invulnerable to projectiles upon movement, and can be cancelled into Super Special Move
  • Dark Destroyer is invulnerable to projectiles when the attack stops in mid-air
  • Judgment Blow (Attack) deals increased damage and is invulnerable to projectiles before landing
  • Reduced recovery on landing a Judgement Blow (Descent)
  • Expanded hitbox horizontally for But Ask Me Not For Forgiveness

See the full patch notes by clicking here.