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Scarlet Hollow 2

Scarlet Hollow’s Co-Creator Looks Back at the Game’s Early Access Launch

How do you launch an indie game? In the case of Scarlet Hollow, you launch it twice.

Confused? You won’t be after reading this invaluable blog post from Tony Howard-Arias, co-founder of Black Tabby Games and co-creator of Scarlet Hollow, an eerie Early Access adventure which we dived into last month. Along with webcomic artist (and spouse) Abby Howard, the pair plunged into the world of game development and ran into a few surprises along the way.

But aside from being entertaining to read, Howard-Arias’s post offers valuable insight into actually getting a game out there, making it known, maximising sales and much, much more. Of particular interest are his and Howard’s experiences with Steam’s storefront and how relaunching Scarlet Hollow’s store page worked in their favour.

“While I’m still trying to figure out the best way to pitch our game to people, our soft launch gave us a lot of insight over what details work,” he writes. The pair’s experiences are also concrete proof that opposums get people’s attention, opposums in sock drawers in particular.

So, if you’re about to launch a game (on Steam in particular), or are just toying with the idea of getting in to development, Howard-Arias’s reflections could give you a head start. You can find the full post on the Black Tabby Games blog.

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